single-source, vertically integrated
telecommunications infrastructure solutions

Integrated Solutions for the Commercial Sector

Working within all facets of the industry, New Horizons has become the trusted partner in the commissioning of critical communication infrastructure, providing reliability and security for on-site or virtual monitoring and control of distribution systems.

Urban Wireless |
Small Cell

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  • 5G (Smart Poles, Smart Cities)

  • WiFi Coverage Analysis / Heatmaps

  • Fiber / Coax

  • State and Federal Permitting

  • Design & Engineering

  • Access Points

  • Towers

  • Antennas

  • Microwave

  • DAS

Urban Wireless
data center

Commercial Electric | Structured Cabling | Data Centers

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  • Design & Engineering

  • Data Cabling (Bicsi Standard)

  • Primary and Back-up Power

  • AC/DC Installation

  • Access Point and RF IOT solutions

  • Communication Rooms

  • Fiber / Cat 6 / COAX

  • System Cutovers


OSP | Long Haul Fiber | Cable Landing

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  • Design

  • Engineer

  • Environmental Coordination

  • Trenching & Fiber Optic Installation

  • Directional Drilling

  • Splicing

  • ILA and Regen Site Development

  • Primary / Back-up Power / Alt. Energy

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Satellite Communication

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  • Design

  • Engineer

  • Site Acquisition

  • Permitting / Environmental Permitting

  • Surveying

  • Earth Terminal and Antenna Installation

  • Commissioning

  • Monitoring and Control Systems

  • Primary / Back-up Power / Alt. Energy

Complete system Delivery



New Horizons is entrusted with the design and deployment of complex communication systems which are responsible for transmitting the secure data and information needed for utility companies to responsibly monitor, regulate, and govern their systems. Our team can deliver multi-discipline, cutting-edge solutions that range from high-performance microwave and fiber optic networks to LTE wireless and satellite communication systems.



Our engineers are able to confidently address most any networking infrastructure need. From desktop and feasibility studies to complete network design and implementation, our portfolio of services allow for the systematic growth of smart-grid applications. With advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) integrated systems, and the application of RF networks, our customers can safely monitor, regulate, and deliver their services to the public.



Critical data and transmission infrastructure capable of accommodating all elements within the utilities sector.

One of the utility company’s innate responsibilities is to provide and maintain the infrastructure and its attendant service for public use. In turn, New Horizons’ responsibility is to design and commission the networks those systems will be dependent upon. As remote monitoring and control continue to evolve and be central to utility operations, the support of those networks must evolve as well.

Our reputation and customer loyalty can be attributed to our technical experience and commitment to Quality. Consistently adhering and adapting to any and all referenced safety regulations, codes, and standards allow us to deliver the highest possible value on time and on budget while minimizing potential customer impacts.

Telecommunications Construction and Engineering

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